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A different kind of leisure car - Garia Mansory OFF-X

Inspired by Mansory's luxurious conversions of the Mercedes Benz G-class, Garia and Mansory has taken it one step further with their shared IAA 2015 show car.

Not content with enhancing interior and exterior parts Mansory and Garia this time decided to give the golf and leisure car a thorough technical update turning it into a comfortable off-road vehicle.

With larger wheels, a wider track and new fenders it looks dramatically different to traditional Garia golf and leisure cars. Larger, more powerful brakes and a new transmission gearing ensures a swift and safe drive in combination with a large Samsung Lithium Battery Pack and uprated controller which results in faster accelerations than you would expect by looking at it.

The Garia Mansory OFF-X features a custom satin grey paint with clear coated carbon fibre parts with black leather seats and shiny bright green highlights. Custom dashboard knobs by Kussmaul in anodized, polished and painted aluminium completes the comprehensive modification inside. On the outside the special leather gun-rack and spare-tire mounted on the roof structure sends a clear signal that this Garia can do more than any Garia that came before it!

The vehicle is currently a show car only but if demand is high enough it will be available in a limited series as previous Garia Mansory collaborations. Price on applikation.

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