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Garia and Mansory have collaborated to build the Garia Mansory Edition. As an ultimate luxury supercar customization, with the Mansory Edition you can travel in style.

Mansory Edition Design

Standard Features

Exterior Design

Interior Design

6x8V V HD batteries T875.

Automotive style shocks and springs.

Pre-wired GPS power outlet inside dashboard.

Self-retracting automotive turn signal stalk operating lights, turn signals and horn.

Off, reverse, neutral and forward gears operated by ignition key.

Hydrolink® water filler system.

Mansory headlights version, high/low/park/turn.

LED taillights.

Reverse warning indicator.

12 V output in dashboard.

Hazard lights.

Ergonomically placed direction selector.

Clear carbon, dual color, black carbon, green tinted carbon.

Front & bonnet, Mansory clear coated carbon, dual color.

Front cabin piece, Mansory clear coated carbon, tinted.

Front wings, Mansory clear coated carbon, tinted.

Front mudguards, Mansory clear coated carbon.

Rear body, Mansory clear coated carbon, tinted.

Rear bumper, Mansory with diffuser, clear coated carbon, dual color.

Rear service hatch, Mansory clear coated carbon.

Load area sides, Mansory clear coated carbon.

Rear mudguards, Mansory clear coated carbon.

Headliner, black Alcantara with brown leather stripes.

Sill cover, Mansory clear coated carbon.

Bumper trim, Mansory clear coated carbon.

12” aluminum wheels, Gun Grey.

Side view mirrors, Mansory clear coated carbon.

Air scoop in roof.

2+2 golf bag holders providing easy access to all pockets on golf bags.

Front windshield wiper/washer and heated windshield.

Sports seat (bucket seats), walnut with inserts green piping, genuine leather.

Leather dashboard, Mansory clear coated carbon.

Steering wheel, Mansory clear coated carbon with scorecard and penholder.

Digital cluster with all relevant driver information, Mansory clear coated carbon.

Dashboard trim panel, custom Mansory clear coated carbon.

Built-in refrigerator.

Radio with Bluetooth, speakers in the cup holder.

Lower dash board, Alcantara covered.

Speed handle in roof, foldable, both sides.

Interior dome light.

Golf ball and tee holder mounted on dashboard.

Technical Specifications



Overall length: 2790 mm/ 110"

Overall width: 1210 mm/ 48" (excl. mirrors).

Overall width: 1540 mm/ 58" (incl. mirrors).

Overall height 2+2-seater: 1850 mm/ 73".

Weight 2+2-seater: 575 kg. / 1212 lbs. - with Garia Lithium batteries: 445 kg. / 926 lbs.

Frame: Lightweight aluminum frame. 5 years warranty.

Rack and pinion steering.

Front suspension: Double wishbone suspension made from aluminum with automotive ball joints and coilovers.

Rear suspension: Live rear axle mounted with trailing links, Panhard rod and coilovers.

Robot-welded aluminum roof structure.

Power Supply/Drive


Motor: High efficient 3-phase AC motor.

Output rating: 3 kW (4 Hp).

Peak power: 11 kW (15 Hp).

Motor control unit: Curtis 275 amp.

Batteries: Trojan 6 x 8V T-875.

Charger: Onboard Delta Q charger.

Dry weight (with batteries): 550 kg/ 1200 lbs.

Tire size: 205-50-10 or 205-30-12.

Payload capacity: 350 kg/ 770 lbs.

Seating capacity: 4 persons.

Weight distribution: 40/60 (front/rear).



Max forward speed: 24-30 km/h /15-19 mph.

Max reverse speed: 11 km/h /6 mph.

Range (up to): 64 km/ 40 miles (depending on speed, use, weather etc.) - with Garia Lithium batteries: 75 km /45 miles

Turning radius: 2600 mm/ 102" (outer circle).

Charge time: Approx. 7 hours (for full charge).

Hydraulic brakes with discs in the front and drums at the rear.

Parking brake: Automatically engaged electromagnetic parking brake.

Standard 3 years limited vehicle warranty.